KissCartoon first embarked as an internet streaming website, which provides amazing animated content. Following its huge success as a website, is offering it as a Google Chrome Extention.

Using this KissCartoon Chrome Extension you can watch cartoon online free in HD. KissCartoon Watch cartoon free without downloading. Kisscartoon Watch Cartoons Online Free in High Quality. Almost in everybody’s life, the most interesting to watch a common source of entertainment is Cartoons. The young generation loves to watch cartoons. The best thing about watching Cartoons is that there is no age or gender limit. Both kids & adults love to watch at the same time. According to a survey 11% of US adults love to watch Bugs Bunny. Interesting isn’t it?. With the passage of time, there is a huge increase in the Cartoon industry. Now with advance & digital technologies, Cartoons also went in a wide range. Now lots of websites available to watch Cartoon. But how to watch cartoon online free without paying, the answer is Kisscartoon.

Kisscartoon Chrome Extension from here

kisscartoon chrome extension

Version: 0.0.1
Updated: December 17, 2020
Size: 15.89KiB
Language: English
However, if you still wonder if you can watch this from your Android phone you can use the link below to download it.

Key Features of KissCartoon App

  1. Easy to Use Interface
  2. High-Quality English subbed Cartoon series
  3. No advertisements or very fewer advertisements
  4. Browse the stuff in its original language or dubbed one
  5. Contains 18+ content ( need to be aware for children )
  6. Choose the resolution to see (480p or 720p)
  7. Thousands to TV series from different genre( action, thriller, fantasy, crime, horror)

In-depth detailing of the Key features

Easy to Use Interface -> The interface of the KissCartoon app is very easy to use and it has amazing functionalities. The search bar at the top lets users finds their stuff from all around the world very easy.

High-Quality English subbed Cartoon series -> Animated TV series is embedded with high-quality English language and English subtitle which makes it very easy for non-English speakers to understand the concept of series.

No advertisements or very fewer advertisements -> You may have come across various app platforms that show various types of ads time to time which leads to frustration and overall bad experience of a user. But now KissCartoon app the ad content limit has been reduced significantly to almost zero. It may possible that the ad may appear one or the other time. But mostly it will not show any kind of advertisements.

Browse the stuff in its original language or dubbed one -> You can browse your favourite content in its original language or there are options for the dubbed one. You may want to see it in the original language but also want to understand it accordingly. You may not be very fluent in English Langauge but you want to see the video in its original language, then you can set the subtitle to English which will help you to understand it properly.

It contains 18+ content ( need to be aware for children ) -> Yes KissCartoon app also contains 18+ content on their platform, so be very careful about your small children, they may end up watching the 18+ content using kisscartoon app.

Choose the resolution to see (480p or 720p) -> Yes, You can swtich from 480p or 720p to stream videos.

Thousands of TV series from different genres ( fantasy, thriller, action, horror, crime) -> Yes, KissCartoon features 1000s of different TV series from action to thriller to fantasy to crime to horror. There are more genres for everyone, you may be an introvert or maybe an extrovert, you will end by finding some of the content which suits you the best. Undoubtedly you will love the kisscartoon app.