Kids love cartoons, and so do adults. Thus, it’s not a secret that both kids and adults spend hours and hours watching cartoons and animes on television. Yet, with the advancements of technology, almost everything is now at our fingertips. So, no wonder that you have arrived here while searching for a secure, free package of cartoons and anime. If so, it is guaranteed that you have found the perfect match for your needs. Download the KissCartoon App, and it will take you on an amazing journey around cartoons, animes, movies and dramas, all for free!  

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What is this KissCartoon App? 

Eager to know what exactly this KissCartoon app is? We have lined up everything you need to know. Here we go!  

KissCartoon first embarked as an internet streaming website, which provides amazing animated content. Following its huge success as a website, it is now appearing as a mobile app. This mobile app has an amazing potential of catering a vast area of entertainment needs based on the cartoons industry. To be more specific, KissCartoon App has the ability to bring a variety of cartoons series, anime, movies and other animated content to the screen of your smartphone. Moreover, it just doesn’t focus on the latest releases. Let it be a classic or let it be a modern work, KissCartoon has got them all covered! 

KissCartoon will always be the kids’ first choice. Yet, KissCartoon knows that cartoons are not only for kids. So, your age is not an issue. It thinks about all its users, and it also knows all your favours. Thus, it has come up with a wonderful collection of cartoons and animes that would suit adult requirements as well. Yes, it has got some adult channels. Nonetheless, they are secured with user permissions and passwords. Therefore, parents have nothing to fear. KissCartoon will amuse kids with their favourites, and adults with their favourites!

And something interesting! KissCartoon App has got an inbuilt media player which also allows you to stream any online and offline video for free. In addition to that, this app has got a wonderful and user-friendly interface, with a search bar at the top of it. So nothing to worry, you can just search what you want, without going through a whole load of animated content available there.     

Apart from all the above, KissCartoon app provides all these startling features just for free. You don’t even have to register to experience these amusements. Simply amazing right? 

Anyway, need more reasons to choose KissCartoon App? Just have a look at its key features below. Those will prove to you how significant this app is! 

Why is KissCartoon App so significant?

There are a number of features that make the KissCartoon App significant. Here are a few of them. 

  1. The content is updated frequently

    As at now, KissCartoon App provides you with a huge number of high-quality animated series content. And you know what?  The collection keeps expanding further. More and more new content will be added for the collection from time to time, in order to provide the best out of the best for its users. So, KissCartoon never let you miss anything. It gets them all covered, just for you!

  2. Its collection covers a wide range of genres
    As you already know, KissCartoon app thinks about all its users. Hence, the app contains a good collection of cartoons that belongs to genres such as action, fantasy, horror, crime, thriller, and many more. So no problem, KissCartoon App satisfies all your cartoon favours. 

  3. Very fewer advertisements comparatively 
    Most of the apps contain a whole load of advertisements that frustrate the users a lot. Yet, the KissCartoon app is very different in this case. The developers have tried to provide a high user experience with very few advertisements. Moreover, they have tried to get the app into the zero advertisements level. Hence, you can watch your favourite cartoon with no distractions at all.

  4. You have the chance to choose the resolution of the screen
    As mentioned earlier, KissCartoon App has got an inbuilt media player. Boosting its value, KissCartoon app has given the opportunity for its users to choose the resolution of the screen to see. It provides two options. You can either go ahead with 480p or else with 720p.

  5. You can browse for dubbed content 
    Just imagine that you came across an animation movie in a language that you are not familiar with. No problem, KissCartoon might have its dubbed version. So, all you have to do is to browse for the dubbed version of the movie, and you’ll end up enjoying it at its best. 

  6. High usability
    Yes, of course, KissCarton App is really easy to learn and to use. It has got a user-friendly interface that anyone could easily understand. Moreover, it is designed in a way that the user interactions are so straight-forward. Due to all these factors, KissCartton app users find it easy to learn and easy to use. 

    In addition to these amazing features, the KissCartoon apk latest version (March 2020 update) has come up with some more startling features. 

  7. Unlimited use time
    Something interesting! There are no time limits with the KissCartoon app now. They have provided you with the opportunity to watch your favourite movies as long as you need them. There’s no doubt that this feature would attract more and more cartoon lovers towards KissCartoon app. Isn’t it?

  8. Ability to download movies for free
    Yes, KissCartoon app has read your mind! It now allows its users to download movies for free. Almost all of the movies and cartoons in the animation world are available in KissCartoon. This simply means that this feature gives you the opportunity to download any of the cartoons that you love!     

Nothing else is needed to prove that KissCartoon App is fabulous! Yet, sought out whether your device is compatible to use this app. Yes, you can find the app info below. Don’t forget to have a quick look at it before you hit the download button!

KissCartoon App Info    

Going ahead, the basic app information of KissCartoon App is briefed below. 

App Name

KissCartoon App

App version


App size

13 MB


Free Entertainment App


Movies, TV Shows, Mod Apk

Required Android version

Android 5.0+

Released Date

2021 – 06- 28

Download KissCartoon App APK

KissCartoon App Screenshots


How to Install KissCartoon App on your Android Device

  1. Download KissCartoon App APK from the download link or simply click here.
  2. The second step is to tick mark the option of unknown sources from the settings. Simply go to settings then go to security and then tick mark the option of unknown sources.
  3. Now simply install KissCartoon App APK from the folder where your all downloads go.
  4. Open the KissCartoon App APK once it is installed, log into your account, or create the new and further enjoy the enhanced and amazing features of KissCartoon APK.

KissCartoon App - Download from Unknown sources

Furthermore, the KissCartoon 1.0 APK requires the following permissions on your android device.

  • Permission to access Network information
  • Permission to install a shortcut in the launcher. 
  • Permission to open the network socket
  • Permission to read from external storage
  • Permission to write to external storage
  • Permission to access Wi-Fi network information
  • Permission to keep the processor awake during the watch time
  • Permission to connect to the paired Bluetooth devices
  • Permission to access the account information

However, just make sure that your device is a well-working device, with a good processor, and approximately with 1GB RAM. This would certainly help you to experience the perfect service of KissCartoon app at its best. Moreover, it is always recommended that you use a high-speed internet connection as well.  

All good right? By now you have a good idea about anything and everything you need to know about KissCartoon App. What are you waiting for? Now it’s high time for you to download this app, and experience its marvellous service! You can find the installation guide below. 

How to install KissCartoon App?

Installing the KissCartoon app is super easy. And nothing to worry! We have herewith shared with you the steps to install it without any hassle.

  1. First of all, download the KissCartoon APK simply by clicking on the Download Button or the link here.
  2. Next, you have to tick mark the option of unknown sources from the settings. In order to get it done, you have to first go to Settings, then go to Security, and finally, tick mark the option of unknown sources.          
  3. After it is done, you can start the installation process. Go to the folder in which your downloads are saved, and then install the KissCartoon APK.     
  4. Once the installation process is completed, you are all set to go! Open KissCartoon app, create a new account if you don’t have one, and now, what’s next? 

Congratulations, you are all done! Here you are, with a huge collection of cartoon movies on your hand! Just choose your favourite, and start enjoying that whole cinematic experience from where you are!


Any questions? If so, just have a look at the Q&A s below. You’ll certainly find the answers for the questions in your mind!

Is the KissCartoon app safe to use?

Yes, of course. You can use the KissCartoon app without any hesitation. More than 1 million users worldwide have now embraced this app, and so far there are no terrible issues reported. This kind of app can never be loved and used by millions unless it is safe. So, nothing to worry, KissCartoon app is safe to use!         

How suitable is the KissCartoon app for kids?

It is true that KissCartoon app has got some 18+ channels. Yet, as we mentioned earlier, they work according to the user permissions, and they are further secured with passwords. So, there is no way that the kids can access those channels. Adding more to this point, by now, you already know that the KissCartoon has almost reached the zero advertisements level. In that case, even ads won’t get a chance to mislead kids when using KissCartoon app. That would also be a great relief to the parents.

Is the KissCartoon app totally free?

Why not? You can easily download it free of charge, and even thereafter it doesn’t demand any kind of a payment from you. It is 100% free. All that you have to do is to create an account, and to log into it, to enjoy this marvellous world of cartoons and movies. 

Does my personal data remain safe with the KissCartoon app?

Absolutely yes! KissCartoon app requests only a limited set of personal data when creating an account. It is said that they always remain safe. Moreover, your account credentials are encrypted when storing them in their database. So, nothing to worry, no one can either hack your account or get to know about you through this app.     

Is KissCartoon a high data consuming app?

Not at all. In most of the apps, ads consume a high amount of data. As you already know, KissCartoon app is free of ads. Hence, that is an instance where the users benefit a lot in terms of data consumption. Moreover, the video streaming feature of this app works with low data usage. Therefore, it can be concluded that KissCartoon app is not a high consuming app.     

What are the alternatives for the KissCartoon app?     

All these facts prove you again and again that KissCartoon app is perfect for your cartoon needs. Yet, if you like to try out some alternatives, CotoMovies and Cartoon HD are available for you! 


If you are a cartoon lover, there is no doubt that the KissCartoon app is the perfect match for you! It would certainly convert your android device into a video player.  From old to new to classics to modern to horror to humour! KissCartoon has got them all covered, just for you, all for free!  Amazing right? So why not download the KissCarton APK? Simply click on the download link provided, and you will step into a world full of entertainment!